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Jumping back from Bakasana to Chaturanga Dandasana, is a complex movement that requires strong wrists and inner thighs, core strength, and courage. In fact, probably, the biggest challenge ain't the action itself but breaking the fear of face planting.

However, with daily practice, it is absolutely doable.  If I can do it, you can do it too.

Here one of the exercises that helped me in building the muscle memory necessary to fly fearlessly.


  1. From a standing position.

  2. Arms parallel to the floor.

  3. Inhale, squat down to Malasana, feet together, and knees into the armpits.

Emulating a Bakasana shape.

  1. Exhale: come back up  Like when you jump back from crane

    to chaturanga.

  2. Repeat X 10 times


For Full Instruction on Bakasana to Chaturanga, check out this tutorial.


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