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Classic Black
Rich Maroon
Midnight Blue
Monsoon Gray

Ideal For:
Those in need of wrist support
Painful dancer feet / bunions 
Inversion Lovers
Those who love a little bit of cushion
Ideal For:
The Minimalist 
Barefoot / Barehand feeling
So soft you're not even sure where you end and the Paws begin

YogaPaws provides an inspiring and unique way to stabilize your foundation when doing yoga postures and Pilates exercises. A revolutionary design provides solid support, extra padding, and non-slip peace of mind. Fitting in your purse, pocket, or travel bag. Going somewhere? No need to lug that mat around with you anymore cause Yoga-Paws are ideal for TRAVEL! 

Stop and imagine that for a moment... Yoga WITHOUT a clumsy mat!  Sure you can use them with a mat if you wish ... but you have the option not to!  Have you seen our amazing Instagram photos on the home page?  

Designed to make the most out of your Yoga, Plates, Weightlifting, and Crossfit or Fitness workouts, YogaPaws grippy outsides and absorbent insides remove all distractions.  Don't worry about your mat slipping on the floor, losing your grip on the barbell, or sliding on a drenched mat.  YogaPaws take the worry away. 

Uniquely created with the user in mind, your hands are secure and in charge - but not bound and compressed.  YogaPaw feet provide a sure-footedness you've not experienced before.  You can yoga on paddleboards, in a stream, on slippery rocks, pavement, grass, or the plain old floor with no fear of losing balance due to the conditions. 



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