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Yoga Pose

Narasimhasana in Virasana (Lion Pose in Hero Pose)


(nara-sim-HAHS-ah-nuh in vir-AHS-ah-nuh)

Also called:

  • Lion Pose Dedicated to an Avatar of Lord Vishnu in Hero Pose
  • Narasimhasana in Virasana
  • Lion Pose


  • Beginner


This sometimes comical pose is very beneficial.  It's a great way to relax and eas tensions in your jaw, cheeks, forehead, and neck. It can expel toxins you've accumulated overnight when performed first thing in the morning.  It can relieve stress at any time. 

How it's done:

  • Begin in Hero Pose. 
  • Inhale deeply. 
  • On exhale, open your mouth wide, stick out your tongue, eyes look up, and make a breathy roar!
  • Variation: wide legged hero pose, with hands on the mat between knees, with fingers pointing behind you. 
  • Variation: As you exhale, you leap forward as if to pounce.  See video.

Gillian B gives a great explanation and demonstration of the Lion pose and its variations.  It is probably most common to practice the Lion Pose and move from Hero to Flat Table.  However, since it is a facial and throat opening pose it can be performed in conjunction with most other poses. 

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