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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for The Yogi in Your Life

Posted on December 10 2018

Are you struggling to figure out what to give that friend or family member who loves going to yoga classes?  Whether they are an occasional yoga visitor or a hardcore devotee, here are some great (and budget-friendly) ideas for the yogi in your life!


1.  YogaPaws

Give the gift of a portable yoga practice this year! YogaPaws are wearable yoga mats for your hands and your feet! They fit just like regular gloves and are made of the same material as a yoga mat.  The gloves are available in either a 4 or 2-piece set (hands, feet, or both!) and they come in several different colors, sizes, and thickness (Elite or SkinThin). They even have added cushion for your wrists and support for your joints! 


Unlike a yoga mat, you can easily fit them in a bag or in your pockets, so they are accessible whenever you need them. No need to worry about getting your expensive mat dirty on the floor. Use them in your next yoga class to prevent slipping, outside, or even when you travel! 


2. Essential Oils or Incense

When you combine regular yoga and meditation with the use of essential oils and incense, they can enhance your experience and help you get the most of each session! Plus, they smell amazing and easily mask a post-yoga scent from the room. Palo Santo wood, for example, can be used to cleanse energy and its earthy scent has been said to be very grounding and calming. You can burn the ends many times, making it a gift that will last!


3.  YogaPaws Paw Pad

Many yoga students have knee and wrist issues when performing arm balances, or even traditional poses standing on their knees. Some teachers recommend folding your yoga mat or using a towel, but neither of those tend to work very well. The YogaPaws Paw Pad is the perfect solution! It’s easy to adjust under your hands and knees and allows you to move without slipping. It can be used as a wrist aid or head, elbow, knee, hip or forearm cushion.  It’s non-toxic, PVC & latex free, eco-friendly and biodegradable, and even comes with a strap for easy carrying or traveling!


4.  A Reusable Water Bottle or Straw

Give a useful gift and save the planet at the same time! Did you know 1500 disposable plastic water bottles are purchased EACH SECOND in the United States alone? Out of the 50 billion plastic water bottles are bought each year, 80% of those are estimated to end up in landfills. Water is essential for a strong yoga practice, so why not give the gift of a reusable water bottle?  


Too many water bottles already? Try giving a reusable straw! It is estimated that 500 million straws are discarded almost every day in the U.S. Reusable or biodegradable straws are a great gift and even come with cleaning kits and carriers for use outside of your home and beyond!


5.  A Non-Slip Yoga Mat Towel

Ever step on your mat during a hot yoga practice, only to find your mat doesn’t grip your hands very well during some (or most) postures? Keep your friends from slipping off their mat with a Non-Slip Yoga Mat Towel!  Yoga Towels are portable towels that lay on top of your mat and help prevent slipping and absorb sweat! Best of all, they keep your yoga mat clean and can easily be thrown in the wash. Check out the Youphoria Yoga Towel, sold on our website! 


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Stephanie Morgan is a yoga instructor and lifestyle blogger from Chicago! Yoga has impacted her life in so many ways, and she loves having the opportunity to teach and share her practice with others. She hopes to encourage and inspire other people to follow their dreams and find new levels of possibility in their minds and bodies by bringing their practice off their mat and into their lives! You can find her blog at






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