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Sukha Matsyasana (Easy Fish Pose)

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(sook-hah mat-see-AHS-ana)

Also known as:

  • Eastern Intense Stretch Pose Prep
  • Reverse Plank Prep
  • Back Arch


  • Intermediate



Benefits: This is an intense neck and back stretch which works well to release your shoulders as well.  

How it's done:

  • Start in a seated position with your legs out straight
  • Place your hands under your hips or at your low back
  • Lie back so that your elbows are on the ground
  • Open your chest, and try to bring the crown of your head down to the ground, while keeping your back off the ground. You may use a block under your head if needed. 
  • You should feel a nice stretch in your neck and back. 

The images depict the basic Fish pose and a couple of advanced variations. 

The angel at LearnFreeYoga guides you through this arched back pose

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