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Effective For Beginner To Advanced Poses

May 2007: TravelLady Magazine

Enjoy the Freedom of Going Mat-Less!

YogaPaws -- The Yoga Mat You Wear -- helps you enjoy the benefits of the yoga lifestyle anywhere, anytime. 

Reviewed by Madelyn Miller, the Travel Lady


YogaPaws: Effective for Beginner to Advanced Yoga Poses

Holding your Downward Facing Dog or Triangle Pose has just gotten easier.  The introduction of a simple yet innovative new prop means that yoga fans can easily practice their routines whenever and wherever they want – without a mat.

Instead of lugging around a bulky, cumbersome, yoga mat, you can simply toss YogaPaws into your purse, pocket, or travel bag for a convenient and effective fitness tool that goes wherever you go. Simply slip on the comfortable, lightweight, YogaPaws Gloves and Socks to your hands and feet and you are ready to practice yoga anywhere.  They can be used on most surfaces such as hardwood floors, the bare ground, or on a towel when traveling.  To clean, simply wash with mild soap and air dry.

Now I have no excuses.

It is so easy to travel with YogaPaws.  It doesn't matter if the hotel you are visiting (or family or friends) have a gym. You don't need to worry about a schedule or take any special yoga clothes.   You can use the YogaPaws in your room, or if you are visiting a place with gorgeous countryside, you can use them outside.  You can even do yoga in Central Park or on your lunch hour -- just pack the yoga paws into your purse.

YogaPaws are gloves and socks that fit snugly over the palms of your hands and the balls of your feet.  They are made from natural, non-slip, rubber, similar to that of a traditional yoga mat, with breathable mesh for ventilation.  They are very comfortable to wear and are effective for the range of beginners to advanced yoga poses.  YogaPaws have been featured in Marie Clair, Self, Prevention, Fitness, Health, New York Times, Business Week and Lifetime Television, to name a few.

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