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Parsvottanasana "Pyramid Pose"

Posted on July 28 2019

How to Pyramid Pose

Pronunciation: (pahrs-vo-TAHN-ah-sahn-na)


Also called:

  • Parshvottanasana
  • Reverse Prayer Pose
  • Back of Body Prayer Pose
  • Intense Side Stretch Pose 



  • Beginner





Benefits: This lengthening pose stretches the thigh, calf, hamstring, ankles, and ankles.  When arms are in reverse prayer position there is a great stretch to the shoulders and triceps as well. 

How it's done:

  • There are many preparatory poses to this position, with legs in the pyramid position, and a flat back
    • Arms straight out
    • One arm out, one on the lower back
    • Grabbing wrists behind the back
    • Arms open to the sides

    • Both hands on the front shin
    • Hands on the toes of the flexed front foot
    • Both hands on the calf of the rear leg
    • Palms on the floor of either side of the front foot
    • The nose or chin on the front shin, fingertips to the floor at the rear foot
    • Nose to the shin of the front leg, hands in prayer around the thigh of the front leg
    • And finally, the nose to the shin of the front leg, arms in reverse prayer position behind the back


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