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How to do Super Soldier Pose

Posted on June 21 2018

How to do Super Solider Pose (with Bonus Lotus Version!)

Super Solider Pose: #omniyogagirltips

  1. Set up a forward fold, with the feet slightly wider than hip width apart.

  2. Come up on the tiptoes of the right foot, & hook the leg over your right shoulder. Get your leg as high up the arm as you can.

  3. Take the right hand BEHIND the right foot & place the fingertips on the mat. Extend the left arm out to the side, in FRONT of the left leg, so the arm is straight, & the fingertips are ahead of the line of your toes.

  4. Pick the left foot up, & bring it towards your right hip.

  5. Use the right hand to grab hold of the left foot... Make sure the right leg, is still connected to the right shoulder.

  6. To come into the full pose; straighten the standing leg fully & reach out with the left arm, keeping it engaged. Use your right hand to bring your left foot to rest on your right hip, & reach your left knee up to the ceiling. Keep the spine long, & the heart open as you rotate your torso to the left.  

Bonus Half-Lotus Variation, below!



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