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Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)

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(SEY-tu-BAHN-duh sahr-vahng-GAHS-ah-nuh)

Also called:

  • Bridge Whole Body Pose
  • Hands Bound Bridge Whole Body Pose
  • Kandharasana (Shoulder Pose)


  • Beginner - Intermediate


Benefits: This is a very nice stretch for the chest, neck, and spine.  It also stretches the thighs.  It works the glutes and shoulders. 

How it's done:

  • Start in a seated position with your back straight, and your knees bent with feet hip-width apart. 
  • Slowly lean back until your back is on the floor. Your hands are placed palm down at your sides. 
  • Move your feet closer to your hips so you can almost reach them with your fingertips (about an inch away)
  • Lift your hip high.
  • Move your hands under your body, clasp hands together. 
  • Lift your chin so it is parallel to the ground
  • Lift your chest

Let's take a look as Carla Christine from Yoga Green Book beautifully demonstrates the Bridge Pose. 

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