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Use & Care

YogaPaws gloves and socks, hanging on a line.

How to wash your YogaPaws:

The easiest and best way to wash your YogaPaws is to flip them inside out so that the towel lining is exposed, put them back on like gloves and wash your "hands" under the sink, in cold water and a gentle soap. (Dr Bronner's is a great one!)  Once clean, just remove, turn right-side out, and air-dry.


Can I put my YogaPaws in the washing machine?

We DO NOT recommend that you put your paws in the washing machine. However, if you must, set the machine to delicate, cold-water cycle. Place your Paws in a delicate garment bag, or the mesh bag included in your package, and proceed.  Air-dry immediately after the cycle completes.


How often should I wash my YogaPaws?

We recommend washing your YogaPaws after each heavy use, or 2-3 light uses.  Just like washing your hands, keeping your Paws clean keeps the dirt and oils that emit from your pores when you perspire from accumulating within the towel liner of your YogaPaws.

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