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Yoga Mat You Wear

Some Yogis on the go (who use a yoga mat) mat not bring their mat along to work or during traveling due to its many inconveniences. For those yogis who share this experience, YogaPaws may be the right answer.  Wiht YogaPaws, there's no need to carry along a bulky mat, or worry about finding a space or the right kind of floor to practice on.  These Paws are compace and eays to throw in any bag.

What's also positive about using YogaPaws is that you can absolutely use them on a mat, which is recommended.  For one, it will be very difficult to slip on a yoga mat wearing them, and secondly, students and instructors alike can go deeper into poses to attain full benefits of the psoture without slipping, wither on your own swear, or on someone else's!

For those who do use a mat at home, the lenght of it may not fit a perferred location of practice.  What's cool about YogaPaws is that you really don't need a mat, since the mat is comfortably worn on your hands and feet.