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Creating Your Dream Life

Posted on December 01 2017

If you’re like most people, you probably fantasize about waking up and having your life be exactly the way you want it. You might have pictured what you want from each minute of that day, from breakfast to bedtime.

Now, think about what you would do if you could put all those things on a holiday wish list. How would you describe them? How many of them do you feel are possible? Which are the most important?

Most likely, you already have some idea of how to make most of those things happen in your own life. You might already know the steps you’d take or the actions that build that ladder between you and where you want to be.  You don’t need to wait for Santa to send that list. You can be your own genie in a bottle. The question, asks self-improvement guru Louise Hay, is why you don’t work toward those goals, whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a dream move.

Sometimes, the easiest way to work around that sense of impossibility is to focus on the specifics. Next time you practice, create a meditation around your life’s wish list.

Go back to that vision of your perfect life. Where would you live? What would you eat for breakfast? How would you want to spend your day? What kind of job would you have? What would you want to do after work? What responsibilities would be taken off your plate?

Now, bring your awareness back to your life as it is. Try to prioritize your list, just like you did for Santa when you were a kid. Narrow it down to two or three things that you really want. As you shape these goals in your mind, meditate on the idea that as you leave the studio, you will start working toward that goal. Think about each step you are going to take—it can be as literal as imagining yourself picking up your car keys to drive to the studio. Focus on walking yourself through each step of your goals and feel yourself as you would be when they are met. What would you wear? How would you talk? Let yourself dwell on the sense of achievement you’d have. Try to live like that’s who you are now (because it is!).



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