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5 Ways to Create A Home Yoga Practice

Posted on December 15 2020


With the pandemic still in full swing and yoga studios across the country closed or at limited capacity, many yogis are moving their practice from the studio into their homes. While it may be intimidating to start an at-home practice without a studio space or instructor in the room with you, there are several things you can do to help make the transition a bit easier.

Yoga at home

 Whether you are a seasoned yogi or are just starting your practice, here are 5 easy ways you can create a home yoga practice:


  1. Invest in a mat and props

The first thing you will need when setting up your home studio is a mat and some props. While yoga does not require a lot of equipment, a mat is a great tool to help you with alignment, prevent slipping and to make certain postures more comfortable. YogaPaws are another great option to use if you don’t have access to a mat, or space to lay one down in your home! 

 Other props you may need include a block, a strap, a towel, and of course a water bottle to keep you hydrated! Blocks, straps and towels are helpful for improving your alignment, preventing injury and creating muscle memory. They are especially helpful for supporting you in more advanced postures by “lengthening” your arms and reach without causing injury.


  1. Set the mood

 Find a place to set up your practice somewhere you will not be distracted or disturbed during your class. If you have kids, pets and a more energetic household, maybe find a room where you can close the door and dim the lights. You can also light a candle, incense or burn palo santo to boost the aroma of your home. Make sure you are in a clutter-free space with lots of room so that you do not bump into furniture and potentially hurt yourself.


  1. Find a class or instructor you enjoy

If you are not comfortable free flowing on your own, it will be important for you to find a class you enjoy. There are tons of FREE yoga classes available on YouTube, and there are also many smartphone apps and subscriber-based communities for yoga classes. Especially if you are new to your yoga practice, a knowledgeable yoga teacher will be crucial to helping you stay safe by providing verbal cues to make sure you are in alignment to prevent potential injury.  


  1. Commit to your practice

It’s harder to create a regular practice when you do not have to go to class at a specific time or place. Find a time of day that you enjoy practicing most and schedule your classes into your calendar. Treat them as important meetings with yourself that you can’t miss. This will help you commit to your practice each week & keep you motivated!


  1. Have fun!

 Most important of all – have fun with it! There are SO many different styles of yoga and a huge selection of instructors with available online. Find a class that makes you excited to roll out your mat every day! You can even try bringing your family, friends or even pets to practice with you on occasion to mix things up and keep it interesting.



Stephanie Morgyn is a certified health & mindfulness coach, wellness blogger, yoga instructor, writer, speaker and entrepreneur from Chicago! Her goal is to help women find calm and positivity in their hectic lives, cultivate mindfulness, and live with passion, authenticity & purpose. Visit her website at for more information on her upcoming mindfulness courses, blogs and more!

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