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5 Tips to Market Yourself as a Yoga Teacher on Social Media

Posted on April 15 2019

5 Tips to Market Yourself as a Yoga Teacher on Social MediaMarketing yourself as a yoga teacher is no easy task. There are a fast-growing number of yogis looking to build their following and customer base, especially on Instagram and social media. With all the competition out there, it can definitely be a daunting task. Here some easy tips to help you separate yourself from the pack, gain a bigger following and grow your customer base:

 1.  Find Your Niche

There are tons of yoga accounts out there, and the biggest opportunity you have to set yourself apart is to find a particular niche you want to cater to.  Whether that be a specific type of yoga clientele (prenatal, people in a certain age group, men who yoga, etc.) you will want to find something that makes you different than everyone else.  Once you find your niche, stick with that specific subject.


Also, you might want to consider creating separate accounts just for your yoga business.  If you post one picture of your cat, one picture of you doing yoga with a client, and then one picture of your family vacation, your audience may be confused with what you actually do! If you want to post pictures of your food, family, etc., try having a personal account and then having one account specifically for your business and being a yogi.  This is also a great option if you would rather keep your personal account on ‘private’ and have your business account be ‘public’ so that people can easily find you and see your images.


2.  Create High-Quality Content

No one wants to follow an account that has all blurry images or does not provide any value to the viewer.  Most phones these days have pretty great cameras, but bad lighting and angles can still make your pictures look blah.  Try shooting pictures outside on a day with natural light, rather than in a room with harsh LED lights.  If you can, try finding a photographer with professional equipment to take pictures of you in various locations to get variety in your images!


3.  Post Regularly

One of the most important parts of building a following is to post regularly and have a consistent stream of content. This is much easier said than done, but you will notice that people are much more willing to follow you if you post all the time. The ideal amount is to post once or twice a day, but if you’re just starting that may be overwhelming. Try starting with one to two times a week and go from there!


4.  Interact with Other Accounts

People go on social media to be – you guessed it – social!!  Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with future clients by just posting images and never responding to your comments.  In fact, the comments section is often where you can answer questions and virtually meet with your prospective clients.  Don’t be afraid to venture onto other accounts and “like” and comment on other people’s images too. Networking is a great tool! 


5.  Be Authentic

People come to your page to follow you!  They want to see what’s happening in your life and to see everything from your perspective.  Skip the stock images and memes, and create content that is true to you.  If you are a bright and colorful person who loves rainbow colors, don’t change yourself for social media.  Let your true self shine through – you will be surprised how much your uniqueness will separate yourself from the crowd and help promote your business!





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Yoga Blogger Stephanie Morgan



Stephanie Morgan is a yoga instructor and fitness, fashion & lifestyle blogger from Chicago! Yoga has impacted her life in so many ways, and she loves having the opportunity to teach and share her practice with others. She hopes to encourage and inspire other people to follow their dreams and find new levels of possibility in their minds and bodies by bringing their practice off their mat and into their lives! You can find her blog at






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