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  1. Begin from standing, & wrap your eagle legs - If you’re twisting to the right, have your right leg on top, & if you’re twisting to the left, have your left leg on top. It makes for a deeper twist, but you’ll be able to make a more secure connection between your legs & your supporting arm in the balance

  2. With the right leg on top, come up on your tip toes & twist your torso to the right, sucking your belly in to make sure you get a deep twist

  3. Place both hands on the mat along your right side, shoulder width apart & anchor your top leg on your left tricep

  4. Lean forward, bending the arms to make a ‘shelf’ for your legs

  5. Lean forward more, & bring your arms to a right angle shape. Grip the mat with your fingers to allow you to find your balance, engage your core & pick your legs up off of the mat

  6. Keep your shoulders broad & strong & let them take the weight. Keep adjusting your hands to maintain your balance, & extend out with the legs to the side

As an added challenge, Laura adds an arm variation for you. 

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