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How to do Flying Pigeon Pose

Posted on December 31 2018


Warm up well before giving this a go, & focus on your wrists, hips & core... Great poses or flows to warm up your body are Sun Salutations, Plank Pose, Boat Pose, & Pigeon Pose.



Begin in a figure four Chair Pose - Place the left ankle on the right thigh, above the right knee.

Bring your hands down to the mat & hook your left foot around your right tricep - Place your hands shoulder-width apart.

Squeeze your left foot to your upper arm to keep it in place & bend down further to take the weight onto your hands.

Lean forward, bend the arms & engage your core so you can pick up the back foot.

Continue to shift the weight forward & push your left leg into the ‘shelf’ created by your arms as you start to extend the back leg.

Really grip the mat with your hands, & keep the left foot active so that it grips your right arm. Keep pushing your arms away with your left (Pigeon) leg - think of it like a lever that gives you the extra ‘push’ to get the hips up & fly the back leg. Pull the belly back towards the spine, slightly round the back & keep the shoulders broad. Look at a point on the mat just in front of your hands, think about your weight moving forwards & focus on extending the back leg up & out. 


Top tip: I think the main action in this pose is with your pigeon leg... The key to extending the back leg is to press it strongly into the arms so you can use that resistance to give some power to your flight.  -- Laura Large, aka, @omniyogagirl


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