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How to Chinstand with Blocks

Posted on December 30 2018

Entering Chin stand might activate our “fight or flight mode” and bring up fear and anxiety.

It happens to everyone, and it is natural.

However, placing two yoga blocks underneath your shoulders might help to make you feel safer.


Step 1

Place two yoga blocks underneath your shoulders and create a puppy pose shape.

Stay here as much as you want. Before taking up a leg, you should be calm.

Step 2

Bring up a leg, toes pointed, belly in, and shift the body weight forward, and try to reach overhead with the leg.
Breath deeply a few times.

Step 3


Take a tiny bunny hop with the foot on the floor, push the extended leg overhead, press the palms of your hands on the mat, and bring the other leg up.

Tah Dah!

You are in chin stand, relax and enjoy.



This tutorial brought to you by @ElenaMissYoga
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