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Yoga for Stress Management is Possible Anywhere with YogaPaws

Posted on October 27 2018

Reducing and managing stress is critical to maintaining overall health and vitality. Stress is one of the leading contributors to heart problems, anxiety, soreness, and any number of health problems. To lower blood pressure, tension, and anxiety, you need to incorporate stress-reducing activities into your daily schedule.

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. The endorphins released during exercise have a natural stress-reducing effect and promote a sense of vitality and well being. Yoga is perhaps the best stress management exercise of all. It stimulates the body, mind, and spirit together to foster a tremendous sense of oneness and harmony with yourself and your surroundings. 

But how can you experience the stress-reducing benefits of yoga when you’re on the road? You can’t fit your yoga mat in your luggage, and you know there is no gym or studio near your destination. It’s quite simple with the help of YogaPaws, tiny yoga mats worn on the hands and feet.


Because they are only a fraction of the size of standard yoga mats, YogaPaws are the ideal travel exercise equipment. They fit easily into a suitcase, and you can enjoy your yoga workout right in your hotel room. After a long day of meetings or seminars, a relaxing, stress-reducing yoga workout accomplished with YogaPaws is the perfect way to unwind and keep in shape. 


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