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Yoga For Men Made Easier With YogaPaws

Posted on May 01 2018

Due to their larger size, many men have a hard time staying on their yoga mats while practicing.  Some yoga mat manufacturers have answered this need by making even larger yoga mats.  The problem with this solution?  Yoga mats can already be rather cumbersome to carry around -- making them larger also means making them even heavier.

With YogaPaws, however, a man does not need to worry about fitting on a mat -- standard sized or larger -- because, very simply, a yoga mat is not necessary.  You are your yoga mat, while at the same time, everywhere is your yoga mat -- you are "parameter-less."

And, even a man prefers to still use a mat with YogaPaws, hands and feet that stray off the edge of the mat will still retain their stickiness and support, essentially, extending the length and width of the yoga mat to custom measurements.



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