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10 Benefits of Practicing Yoga at Home

Posted on January 04 2021


As we head into the new year, yogis are continuing to turn to online and virtual yoga classes to flow on their mats - now more than ever before! Although it’s hard to replicate the energy and community of being in a physical studio, there are lots of benefits to creating an at-home yoga practice (especially in the winter).


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Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just looking to start your practice in the new year, here are 10 amazing benefits of practicing yoga at home in 2021!


  1. Flow on your own schedule

 You no longer have to worry about being late to class or being bound by a set schedule decided by your yoga studio. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you get to choose what time works best for you to flow!


  1. Press pause and rewind the video whenever you want!

 If you’ve ever taken a class with a teacher that moves a little too quickly for your liking, then you will love taking classes at home. Want to do your own thing for a bit? Pause and rewind the class as many times as you need!


  1. Your pets and family can join you

 Yoga is so much more fun with your furry friend by your side (or if you’re a cat person - under you, or on top of you)


  1. You have time to play on your mat

 There is no pressure when you’re flowing by yourself at home! You can play with balancing postures or inversions without feeling silly for falling, worrying about what other people are doing or if anyone is looking at you. What a fun way to deepen your practice! 


  1. Take a long Savasana

 No need to worry about the next class coming in or someone making lots of noise as they exit the studio room. When you flow at home, you can lie in Savasana for as long as you want!


  1. It’s Free!

 There are SO many amazing free yoga classes available online. From Instagram to YouTube and beyond, there is no shortage of yoga classes for all levels!


  1. You can make it your own space

 You control the mood in your own space. Put on your favorite playlist, light your best smelling candle, dim the lights and enjoy your own unique setup tailored for your needs.


  1. You choose the class/teacher/flow/speed

 Best part of flowing at home is that you are in control of what class you take, who is teaching, what level they are teaching and the speed at which they are teaching. Don’t like the class? No worries - try the next video until you find a style or instructor that you really enjoy!


  1. You can wear whatever you want

 Want to flow in your PJs? Go for it. Your house – your rules!


  1. You don’t have to go outside in the cold!

 You no longer need to worry about being cold when you walk outside of the studio right after a steamy class. No commute or cold winter air? Sounds like a win to me!


 What’s your favorite reason to practice at home?




Stephanie Morgyn is a certified health & mindfulness coach, wellness blogger, yoga instructor, writer, speaker and entrepreneur from Chicago! Her goal is to help women find calm and positivity in their hectic lives, cultivate mindfulness, and live with passion, authenticity & purpose. Visit her website at for more information on her upcoming mindfulness courses, blogs and more!








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