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Lotus Moon - stretchy boot cut capris pants

A flowing design of boot cut capris pants inspired from a lotus I plant in our studio.

* Tested repeatedly to get the best flattering cut. To deliver a stylish, unique and stylish look. 

* We only use best quality fabric.  Soft, stretchy, with a draping heavenly and wrinkle-free!

Perfect for daily wear or as yoga.   Very easy to wear and care, machine washable like you wash your jeans.

* Pleated chiffon is the only fabric to express the right zen chic for this design. We worked with a mill specialized in pleated fabric to work out the right texture and pleating size. It took us half a year to finalize it. Pleated fabric is very difficult to get the perfect cut / sew, I hope you will enjoy the design as we do.

* The pocket is big enough for iPhone and your hands

* The waist part, very comfortable and flexible. You may wear it as high waist to help your legs look longer, or fold  for a low waisted fit. 

* Designed and handmade by honest family company, we use express shipping with tracking.


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