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Long long dress

* 100% warm weigh stretchy cotton jersey, good for spring, fall and winter.

* Good to wear as dress up base, match with Motorcycle jacket for example. Great to wear it alone as well.

* Relax fit, not form fitted on waist and hips for casual touch.

* Designed and handmade with love by honest people. Only charge one item's shipping for combined shipping.

* Designed and handmade by honest family company, price includes express shipping already, buy more, only charge one item's shipping.

Color option:

1. black ( always stylish choice and maximizes flattering effect)
2. Old green (literally translation from Chinese, it is vibrant and somber green, not loud or dark)
3. Gray grey (beautiful hue gray)
4. Light camel
5. Pompeian red


* Material: 100% cotton ( spring, fall and winter weight)

* Care: put in laundry bag before putting in machine, machine wash in gentle circle, tumble low, best lay flat to dry

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