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Hoarfrost - gradient woolen coat + free cotton long sleeve top

This design includes two items: one woolen jacket, one stretchy cotton bottoming top; they can be worn together or alone.

* Quality stretchy wool, fall and winter coat weight, stylish and functional for cold days; good for temperature 8 Celsius / 46 Degrees Fahrenheit 

* The texture and gradient color of the fabric is so beautiful, rustic and elegant all at once.

* The thick cotton rib long sleeve top is cozy for cold days, not only it will enhance your whole look, but also it protects your sensitive skin from wool allergy.

* Designed and handmade by honest family company, ship worldwide, we will use express shipping by default, buy more, only charge one item's shipping.

1. Standard fitting, neither loose nor snug, sweater space is calculated in
2. Asymmetrical hem, mid-thigh length, slimming and look good for all heights
3. Features two side pockets
4. Close with press buttons


Piece info:
Materials: jacket - 100% wool; bottoming top – 95% cotton, 5% Lycra
Care: jacket - dry clean only, top - normal machine wash


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