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Fruit of Summer - poncho collared layered woolen dress

A very special layered woolen tunic.

* Unique poncho inspired collar, can be worn like a poncho, cowl neck and hood.

* Made with cozy cotton jersey and woolen knits with pompom like dots.  Select mother of pearl buttons to go with the textiles.

* Double layered, woolen part won’t touch your skin.  FYI in case you were allergic to wool :)

* Comfortable and flattering asymmetrical cut, if you like the style, you will look good in it.

* Layered fabrics, warm and flowing. You may wear it alone as a spring, fall and early winter tunic dress or add coat over it in coldest winter.

* Details:
1. Loose fitting, true to size, nearly no limits on waist and hips
2. Around 4”/ 10cm above knee length
3. Long sleeves ( double layered)

* Color options:
1. Snow lake blue ( it is a color I saw in a lake on a snow mountain, kinda light blue, mint hued...)
2. Pompeian red (it is a color coralish, redish, orange hued, difficult to describe, very unique and beautiful)

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