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Epiphyllum Maxi Skirt

This wonderful skirt design was inspired from Epiphyllum plant originated from Mexico. 

  • With special waist detail inspired from China and Indian traditional pants’ 200 years ago, fasten with hooks and waist sashes
  • Saffron red version used anti-wrinkle technology, the texture is beautifully linen textured, but very easy to care, just hang it overnight to alleviate all wrinkles
  • A separate 100% cotton lining skirt will be included with price.
  • Materials: Saffron red: 90% cotton, 5% linen, 5% nylon 
  • Lining skirt: 100% cotton
Care: machine wash cold and gentle, tumble low, line to dry

1. Easy and comfortable fit
2. Waist with 1.5” adjustable range



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