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Infinity Strap STRETCH

Orchid (Purple)
Mist (Grey)
Onyx (Black)
Moonbeam (Blue)
Dragonfruit (Neon Pink)

The Infinity Strap STRETCH helps with strength and flexibility, and is designed to stretch with high resistance to a certain point and then stop, much like the human body. The design of the Infinity Strap STRETCH is a dual loop with a subtle twist at the center, forming a shape of an endless figure 8, which is illustrated by the timeless symbol of infinity.

• Totally unique, hybrid high resistance material 
• Stretches with your body and forms a firm grip
• A variety of colors and sizes
• No hardware to hurt your hands or feet
• No buckles to fuss with or adjust
• Compact design means no extra strap in your way
• Deepen  poses and maintain proper alignment

  • Small 13-16"
  • Medium 16-19"
  • Large 19-23.5""

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