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Please allow me to introduce Gerald.. The creator and master designer of Idea2LifeStyle apparel brought to you by YogaPaws

I LOVE this man. He is everything you would expect. Kind, soft, thoughtful, funny, outrageously creative and generous. It has been my honor to call him a dear friend over the years. 

Everything began when Gerald was traveling abroad when two Parisian girls complimented his self-made t-shirt hoping to purchase in Paris somewhere. 2008 he list 5 designs online and within 30 seconds, the first vest was sold! By 2012, more than 35,000 pieces sold with an ecstatic customer base.  

Their studio in Shanghai is nicknamed Neverland. A secret oasis full of exotic orchids, art work from Africa, India, Native American, China, Japan and Korea. Together Gerald and his team brainstorm, explore, and inspire each other by combining adventures, insights and experiences.

New Designs Released Each Week!!!

All fabrics are hand picked from mills. Dyes are personally ordered to guarantee quality and fair price. EVERYTHING is designed and handmade from scratch by Gerald and his Neverland team.

Currently his team members are:

  • Joey (main contact, model and muse)
  • Jeanie and Audrey, shop style advisor and models,
  • Master Shen (patterning for new designs, he worked for big companies as patterner for more than 30 years, his cutting skill is undeniable)
  • Huang (team leader of sewing and cutting, he has been in this field for more than 15 years; before joining Idea2LifeStyle, he worked for luxury clothing manufacturer, of course in Neverland, they don't allow him to use fur and leather again, lol; he has experience to run a factory, and enjoy the freedom and respect when working with Gerald and his team),
  • Mrs Yu linen, wool and silk design's. Sewing
  • Mrs Chu full time mother, part time sewer for jersey designs
  • Mrs Ding   Jersey and knits design's sewing
  • Mr Zhu   hand cuts each clothing item from scratch
  • Gerald    (leader of biz team, designing, shipping parcels, new fabric sourcing and photography),
  • Gerald’s dad   (regular fabric ordering, preshrinking and packing parcels), his father is nearly 70 years old, when you receive your clothes, you will see the fabrics, buttons he hand picked for you, look closely and enjoy them 
  • Gerald’s mum   (packing, traditional closure making, buttons, shawls, QC), Gerald’s mother is nearly 70 years old as well. 
  • Miss Wu  (ironing, hand embroidering, making button holes)
  • Da, part time, up to QC and pack parcels;
  • Little Dudu ( 10 years' old baby girl Yorkie, good company and inspiration of our team)
  • Bigger Dudu (12 years' old), Huanghuang ( 8 years' old, in diet so not willing to be taken pics)

We sincerely hope you will like our designs and we will do our best to provide quality pieces and good service.

Thanks for your time:)