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Up your game and increase your gains with YogaPaws

YogaPaws: Ideal Weight Lifting Gloves

Reasons YogaPaws are Awesome for Weight Lifting:

  1. Amazing grip and support on both free weights and machines keep you locked to your equipment. 

  2. Made with 5mm Natural Rubber material for grip and cushion to protect your wrists.  YogaPaws are also lined with a towel liner for sweat absorption, support, and padding. 

  3. Protect your hands!  Say goodbye to blisters, calluses and tears.  YogaPaws will protect your hands.

  4. Support your wrists during bench press, front squats, bicep curls, and many CrossFit moves. 

  5. Added grip stamina when doing pull-ups and deadlifts - no more slips and no-reps from sweaty hands

For weightlifting and CrossFit we recommend YogaPaws Elite.