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Why are Yoga Paws so Amazing for Hot Yoga?

  1. No more slipping!! :)  Worried about that sequence of postures when you're pouring sweat?  Have you slipped before in hot yoga or find yourself not going as deep as you'd like, to avoid an embarrassing fall?  Not anymore! :) We got ya' covered, 100% guaranteed.  Just throw on your YogaPaws in conjunction with a towel (need to have something to protect you from the floor and catch all that sweat so that you won't slip like you're on a yoga mat) and you're good to go!

  2. Yoga Paws have a towel liner inside each hand and foot that absorbs 7 times its weight in moisture. So the more you sweat the more your stick.

  3. Easy clean up!  Just throw your Paws in the gentle cycle and air dry.  Minimal fast, easy clean up.

  4. Added cushion for your wrists and support for your joints.  Offering stability, protection and prevention with YogaPaws.