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Travel Anywhere with YogaPawsYou're traveling for work again, or maybe finally taking that much-deserved vacation, but now you can't find a place to keep up with your practice.

No worries, because with YogaPaws your practice goes with you wherever you go.  There's no need to carry along a bulky mat or worry about finding a space or the right kind of floor.  Compact and easy to throw in a purse or carry-on, YogaPaws let you practice wherever you can find a spot and the time.  

Choose between our YogaPaws Elite or SkinThin Versions:

  • THE SMALLEST YOGA MATS IN THE WORLD: With our yoga gloves and socks you can enjoy the full protection of a normal yoga mat but without the limitations! Wear our fitness gloves & socks and move freely around the room, achieve the hardest stances with ease while you stay comfortable and safe with the firm grip and padded support our fitness accessories can provide.
  • 3 IN 1 UNIQUE DESIGN: YogaPaws Elite feature a super lightweight design weighing in at just 5 oz making them simply perfect to carry them with you just like a foldable yoga mat. They serve as a highly protective rubber mat with an uncompromising grip on any type of surface, they feature 5mm of built-in padding for maximum wrist and arch support and they also sport an interior towel liner which absorbs 7 times its weight in moisture.
  • UNMATCHED SUPPORT: Our yoga gloves and toeless shoes sport a unique, highly ergonomic design that keeps the webbing of the hands and feet happy while you exercise. The thick pads will encourage correct posture and technique while providing with all the comfort and support that every man and woman Yogi desires.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: Our fitness accessories are made with the very best materials so that you get to enjoy them for many years to come! The unique construction of our yoga gloves and socks is designed so that the more you use them, the more they adapt to your body, fully conforming to the particulars of your hands and feet.
  • INCREDIBLE FOR ALL SORTS OF YOGA: These wearable yoga mats for your hands and feet are simply ideal no matter the kind of yoga or your yoga-level expertise. The unmatched wrist and foot arch support along with the highly unique design can work perfectly for any type of yoga such as Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and they can even work in water!
  • SECOND SKIN: The YogaPaws Skin Thin mats are an innovative product for those seeking to make the most out of their yoga, Pilates, and general fitness workouts. Gliding smoothly over your palms and feet, they feel like an extra layer of skin -  though one that helps you perform your best and allows you focus on perfecting your pose or exercise sequence at hand, and NOT be distracted by slippery mats or uneven studio surfaces.
  • PADDING-FREE SUPPORT: Free of any extra layers that you might feel interfere with your tactical orientation, the YogaPaws SkinThin mats provide you with improved stability and steadfast traction, absorbing perspiration and offering unwavering support, all the way from warm up to sweat-filled, prolonged posing.
  • FOOLPROOF GRIP: Finger and toes cutouts allow you to take full control of your positioning, while expert palm and feet coverage boosts your balance and helps evenly distribute your weight, while in movement. Our mats will make exercising both indoors and outdoors feel effortless and natural - just like it should.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: The YogaPaws SkinThin mats were engineered to be featherweight - yet without cutting back on the characteristics that make the YogaPaws product line a leading provider of yoga and fitness accessories. Sturdy-built and exceptionally convenient, your brand new YogaPaws SkinThin retain their perfect shape, through countless yoga sessions and year-long, daily fitness regimens.
  • FITNESS ESSENTIAL: Whether you're a novice or an advanced Yogi; even if you are just starting out on your journey towards improving your fitness, or have taken up Pilates as a means to improve your posture, there is no exercise regimen that you can't perform using the YogaPaws SkinThin mats. These versatile accessories will quickly become your new fitness staple - once you've tried them, you'll never be able to go back exercising without them!


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