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Yoga Pose

Utkatasana (Chair Pose)



Also known as:

  • Awkward Chair Pose
  • Fierce Pose


  • Beginner



Benefits: This is a great pose for strengthening your legs, calves, while stretching your shoulders and opening your chest. It is a great balancing pose. 

How it's done:

  • Begin in a standing pose with together
  • Bend knees, and focus your body weight on your heels so you can still wiggle your toes 
  • Knees should not extend past your toes
  • Extend your arms overhead with biceps by your ears
  • Lift chest, don't round your back or fold down 
  • Tuck your tailbone down, don't stick it out.  
  • Gaze should be forward, or at thumbs

 Karen with HFE Health and Fitness Education) demonstrates this pose with modifications. 

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