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KharmaKare's Yoga Reincarnated *LITE*

So... you know how Nascar drivers spin their tires when taking off from the starting line?  The hotter the tire gets the better  it grips the road!!  
That is what makes this mat BRILLIANT.  Hotter you get, the more you sweat, the better KK performs.  No towel needed except our GIG towel to wipe your face and body. ;)
Differences from Regular Reincarnated:
  • 4mm thick  (Reincarnated is 6mm)
  • 4 lbs  (Reincarnated is 8 lbs)
"Nonslip, durable and luxuriously thick" -Yoga Journal

Lifetime: 100 years, if you trust WikiAnswers 
(and really, why wouldn’t you?) 

Dimensions: 72” x 24” 

Supports: A grown elephant 

why we think it’s khool

Holding true to our eco-conscious standards, we figured out a way to recycle car tires and re-birth them into durable and cushy yoga mats.We take out all of the bad stuff and what’s left is this great material that will support your practice, last a long time, and stay out of a landfill. Our mats are hypo-allergenic. That’s why this same material is being used in children’s playgrounds around the country and in running tracks. And while we don’t recommend eating your mat, the material has passed ingestion studies, so it is perfectly safe inside our bodies, outside our bodies and against our skin. Do let us know if you try to eat it though. We’re a little curious about how it tastes (yet not curious enough to try it ourselves.)

krafted with khare

We first round up tires from whichever sources we can, typically tire processors and landfills. We then break the tires down. First we mechanically break down the tires and sort them to separate the rubber from the steel and fibers. No foreign materials are added and no residues are left over in this stage of the process. Sometimes we do the separation at elevated temperature. We know this sounds bad, but if done correctly, there are nearly no emissions or waste. In fact, a majority of the vapor that comes out is used to produce power for the machines. The vapor that is not used is condensed to a fluid to be used as fuel for other machines. The steel belts and fibers that come out are sent to different factories to be reused. Some people use the resultant crumb rubber as is. However, we want rubber that has the carbon black taken out of it too, so we put ours through another process. Using an environmentally friendly oil solvent, the rubber and carbon black are separated in a vat at increased temperature and pressure. The carbon black is sent to be reused, as is the oil solvent. What is left are rubber granules which are clear of extra chemicals. These are the granules we use in our mats. The granules are put in a vat with some natural ingredients to help with the rubber smell, at an elevated temperature, and mixed with some organic adhesive. The mixture is pressed into a sheet and stamped out.

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