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Amethyst Spirit Transformation Mala Prayer Bead Necklace / Eco-Friendly Jewelry

All 109, 8mm round (108 plus 1 guru bead) high quality gemstone beads were carefully sourced and are individually hand knotted with a supple yet durable nylon for long lasting use. Measures 40" long and comfortably wraps 5x around the average wrist.

The tassel is handmade from luxurious silk strands and is soft to the touch. Measure's 2" in length

The Open Heart Warrior (Bow and Arrow) pendant is an original design created from lost wax and casted in recycled sterling silver with Open Heart Warrior engraved on one side of the bow giving your mala a more meaningful and empowering intention. FYI: Please request it blank if you don't want engraving.



It is a Stone of Transformation, Spirituality, and of the mind. It is used to aid with connecting with your higher self, and is also a healing stone.

It helps to bring calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion. Wear Amethyst if you want to get in touch with your intuition, your feelings, or your values. Amethyst helps one learn of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic. Especially aids sobriety; alcohol, food, sex, and other addictions. Eases compulsive/obsessive behavior (desire for food, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc.) Famous ancient detoxifier. It is very good for overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed metal states because of it extreme calming mental effects. It is considered an extremely spiritual stone.

Spirituality: Amethyst fosters healing and selflessness, and is associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditation, balance, psychic abilities, inner peace, and positive transformation. Some say it should be called the Stone of Transformation. Known also as "Metamorphosis".


The Mary Caroline's Mala's is Ethically Handmade in Los Angeles with the highest attention to detail. Every Mala is cleansed with a selenite wand and infused with positive affirmations, love, and good vibes before it is sent of to you.


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