Support Your Students & Strengthen Your Practice

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Yoga Students Have Individual Needs

Sometimes you show up to yoga class with a plan that you've worked hard on, only to find that it may not be the best fit for the students who actually showed up. So you adjust. Students have special needs. Not all yoga students fit on standard sized mats. Some students sweat more than others. Some travel roften and aren't able to get to class regularly. How can you support them? By showing them modifications, instructing them in the correct use of props and sharing routines with them for use when they're on the go. And letting them know that Yoga Paws are designed to support them in almost any situation.

Demonstrating Yoga Poses

Part of being a yoga teacher involves being able to demonstrate to your students the proper method of performing a pose.  You might want to pull up alongside an individual student and demo a pose on the fly, or call the group's attention to you for a demonstration when you're a long way from your mat. Maybe there wasn't even room for you to put down a mat for yourself.  What to do? Normally, you might ask a student to borrow their mat. With Yoga Paws, the entire room becomes your demonstration space.

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Travel Yoga Made Easier

Maintaining  a consistent practice is one of the most important ways a yoga teacher can help their students. Yet yoga teachers often find themselves running around town between teaching engagements at different studios and sometimes flying around the world attending or even leading teacher trainings, retreats and seminars. As you pour your love of yoga into your students and their practices, sometimes you may notice your own practice suffering.  With a pair of yoga paws as part of your yoga travel kit, anyplace becomes a suitable practice spot whenever and wherever the shakti moves you. Buy YogaPaws