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Why Are YogaPaws the Best Travel Yoga Mat?

yoga paws travel

1.) YP weight only 5oz vs. 5-10 lbs yoga mat.

2.) YP take up as much room as a pair of socks in your bag.

3.)You can take YogaPaws Anywhere, meaning you can Do Yoga ANYWHERE!  Mountain Top, bike trail, airport, rest area, back porch, Water Fall, Central Park, in the Rain, in the Ocean.  No Matter how crazy or slippery from sweat or sea water, YogaPaws will keep you solid in each pose.   The world is your studio with YogaPaws.  

So wherever life takes you, take your practice with you!


yoga paws elite

Yoga Paws are non-slip yoga gloves worn on your hands or feet, staying true to their logo "The Yoga Mat You Wear." YogaPaws function perfectly on any surface, keeping you secure in every yoga pose.  

They can also be used in conjunction with a yoga mat for hot yoga lovers or those that find themselves slippen and sliden on their "non-slip" mat.  YP are made with a yoga towel liner which absorbs 7 times its weight in moisture, So the more you sweat the more you stick!.  Got sweat?  Get YogaPaws!:) 

Yoga Paws picYogaPaws LLC was started in 2001 from a mother daughter team.  Sharing love for yoga, travel, and life birthed a business they could pour their heart and soul in.  Yoga Paws have been a product and company that cares about spreading the love and allowing yogi's around the world to enjoy a non-slip practice.. Anytime Anywhere.  :)  More About Us...


common uses for Yoga Paws

Who are YogaPaws for?

  • Teachers:  Work the room and demonstrate poses on the fly. No mat, No Problem! :)

  • Students:  No matter what style yoga or how long you've been practice. YogaPaws can help you go deeper into your practice through security in pose.

  • Travelers:  No need to lug a mat or leave your practice at home anymore. You've got YogaPaws. :)

  • Wrist Support: experiencing pain in your wrist?  YogaPaws add 4-6mm of padding to cushion to help relieve the pressure in weight bearing yoga poses.

  • Hot Yoga: Love hot yoga? Love to sweat?  Hate Slipping?  We got'cha covered. :)  Never slip another inch with YogaPaws.                                 
  • Weight Lifting: YogaPaws are glove that go beyond the yoga flow to the weight room.  One workout in these puppies and you'll be attached!  Pun intended. :)

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